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They save a curious kitten that remained stuck in the wall for two days

When pets go outside, they tend to ignore some elements that could put their lives at risk. Because being carried away by the curiosity to explore, many times they do not inspect the environment adequately.

This is what happened to a small cat that was trapped between two walls in a city in the United Kingdom. Although it is not known if the kitten had a family or not, what is certain is that she was carried away by her curiosity and without measuring the risk, she got stuck between the walls.

The adorable cat was stuck between the walls of a mill for almost two days. It was when an establishment worker heard the kitten’s call for help that he began to search around the place, until he found her stuck between a wall.

Subject immediately attempted to remove the animal, but was unsuccessful in the process. Well, despite being careful, he realized that the feline could barely be moved and his attempts to get her out were hurting her.

For this reason, he decided to call experts and that was when the staff of the ‘Pennine Pen Animal Rescue’ center arrived at the scene to intervene. Indeed, it was not possible to get the animal out through the access between the walls because of how exhausted it was. So, they decided to tear down the wall in question carefully, to avoid hurting the cat.

After managing to bring down the wall almost completely, they managed to get the cat out without hurting her. Despite the fact that the cat had entered a state of stress due to the noise so close to the work of the rescuers.

Once they arrived at the care center, the diagnosis revealed that the cat had injured her paws in her attempts to escape. In addition, she was dehydrated and weak from hunger, consequences of the time that she went without meeting these basic needs.

However, the analysis also revealed that the kitten was not entirely alone. Well, she was pregnant and it wasn’t long before she gave birth. Unfortunately, the kittens died shortly after birth. Since its development was not optimal and the time the cat was trapped made the situation worse.

But after the treatments received, the kitten was able to recover her good health. There was only one intervention left to do. Well, a later study of the animal revealed that it had a piece of metal embedded in its body.

Now, the cat is under constant observation, so that once the state of her paws improves completely, the foreign body is removed and she can recover more comfortably. While she waits for a new home to open its doors for her.

Stray cat without an eye and a harsh past, finally finds a foster home with her baby

A family from Canada, from a farm in Montreal, took care of stray cats they found around their property. Although they had managed to help some and adopted others, they could not take care of all the cats for much longer.

For this reason, they contacted an animal rescuer near their town named Julie. With the help of the family, Julie set traps to catch all the feral cats on the property and transport them to the Chatons Orphelins Montréal care center.


The diagnosis at the veterinary center revealed that some of the rescued cats were pregnant. But equally, each of the cats was given the required attention before putting them up for adoption. It didn’t take long for most to find a new home to live in without the insecurity of wildlife.

One of the rescued cats had a condition in her eye that made her look cloudy, this was due to suffering from a corneal ulcer. Besides, she was also pregnant and it wasn’t long before she gave birth to her babies. However, despite her condition, as Julie reported, the kitten barely weighed 1.3 kilograms.



The cloudy-eyed cat was christened Remille, and her health status also revealed that she was suffering from feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). However, this did not discourage her and she managed to get by with the care provided.

Well, he adapted, without much effort on the part of the volunteers, to the new life in the rescue center. Requesting petting from staff from time to time, purring in the process.



For one night Remille seemed a bit restless and soon after gave birth to her small litter of four kittens. But due to the unfavorable state of health that the cat had during the gestation of the little ones, three of them died.

Despite the efforts made by the center staff, they only managed to save one kitten. The little cat, named Hardy, was the only one who survived after giving birth. But at no time did he move away from the warmth of his mother.



Although Remille is barely an adult cat, since she is only around 10 months old, she takes great care of her little son. However, she does not despise the help that her caregivers give her with her little cat.

Now both are living in the rescue center facilities. As little Hardy finishes developing and his mother shows him everything a cat needs to know, she finally finds a permanent home to live in.


Audacious Chilean police officers rescue a homeless puppy about to drown

The event takes place in a community called Vizcachas, where without knowing the risk he was running, a puppy decides to go to a river to quench his thirst without suspecting that something bad could happen.

It seems that the flow of the river grows surprisingly and drags the puppy down the river, which, despite the fact that it resisted, would end up trapped by the current. Neighbors, realizing this fact, request the help of the authorities , some believing that nothing could be done, others that they were not going to pay attention.


To the surprise of many, a patrol responds to the call, beginning the search for alternatives to be able to rescue the puppy, who, if more time passes, could suffer damage from rocks and some logs carried by the river or simply drown.


The history of the canine begins to improve

After tracking the puppy through the river channel, it is thought of catching it in an area that was semi-paved. There, one of the policemen who risks his life descending with the help of a mountaineering team, manages to intercept the lucky puppy.



The river and the current were not the only problems, it was also the reaction that the puppy could have due to the stress it was going through. Fortunately, the puppy remained calm, letting him take it, tie a lifeline to it and then pull and push it until it was out of danger.

Thanks to the expertise of the carabinieri, the story of this puppy came to fruition. We should also thank the person who made the video recording for being able to show that many people today take for granted that animals living on the street do not have the same rights to life as any other being.



The puppy hopes to be more fortunate and find someone who wishes to adopt him and rescue him from the river of solitude where he is still shipwrecked. Although he is being cared for and protected in a shelter, he still needs a home where he can feel part of a family in which he can give and receive all the love that he so badly needs.





Woman adopts a blind puppy and her other dog becomes her guide dog and best friend

Many know that the dog is considered man’s best friend, but in the case of the same dogs, they are his best friends. Well, when two dogs manage to establish a bond, they will always count on each other to protect and guide themselves.

A 27-year-old named Jess witnessed two dogs grow into best friends, bonded by the need to help each other. It all started when the young woman decided to adopt a blind dog from the shelter where she worked. Because of her incapacity, the families that visited the place in search of a pet did not pay attention to her.


The puppy was named Amos and his personality was quite friendly, but this still made Jess uneasy. Well, at home she had another dog that she had adopted long ago, named Toby, who had not learned to socialize with other pets, since he had been adopted from a kennel.

When he introduced them, his dog Toby’s reaction was as expected, and he growled a few times at Amos, as he liked having his own space and now he would have to share it. However, this initial tantrum only lasted a couple of days, because before Jess knew it, Toby was helping Amos out.



Poor Amos was having a hard time finding enough food and water in his new home. But Toby did not turn a blind eye to the difficulties that his dog companion was going through, so he approached him and guided him to where he found what he was looking for.

This scenario was repeated one day when Jess went out with both dogs for a walk. While Toby led the way and was quite confident, Amos took care of the steps he took so as not to stumble, even stopping at times. When this happened, Toby would lie down next to him until Amos felt he could continue.



Since then, Toby has become Amos’ guide in every way. He accompanies him on walks in parks and helps locate himself within spaces, also protecting him when other dogs approach and Amos feels threatened by them.



Because Jess became sensitive to the situation Amos was going through, not only did Amos’s life change, but also her other dog, Toby, and even herself. Proving that even with a disability, the happy moments and the ability to love of these animals only multiply.





Smart and helpful cat helped a woman recover her keys that fell into a hole

Pets are capable of providing people with much more than just company, because with their occurrences they can not only amuse humans, but they can be very helpful when necessary. Of course, if the pet is encouraged to do so.

That’s how a kitten with jet black fur decided to intervene to help a neighbor in distress. A woman named Luh Meira was enjoying a sunny afternoon outside her apartment in the company of her little son, who was innocently playing with the keys to the home.


The little boy, ignorant of the consequences of what he was about to do, decided to drop the keys into a cinder block hole in a nearby small wall, thinking it would be fun. But upon realizing the situation, both Mrs. Luh and the little boy tried to get the keys without being able to.

Everything indicated that they would have to spend the rest of the afternoon outside their home while they found a solution, but the woman did not give up and decided to use a thin stick that she had collected to make her attempts more efficient. But far from achieving it, what she did was attract the attention of a beautiful black cat that was also in the garden.



The cat seemed to be attracted by the movement of the stick in the woman’s hands when trying to get the keys out of the hole, so it jumped on it to nibble on it. Luh recognized the black cat as the pet of one of his neighbors, who named his pet “Panther.” So she tried to push him away, but the cat seemed determined to play for a while.

However, soon the curious Panther realized that there was a strange object in the hole in the block, so he decided to direct all his attention to it. Being quite an agile cat, it didn’t take long for him to get the keys out with hardly any effort, leaving Luh quite surprised.



In fact, when the woman realized the cat’s intentions, she did not hesitate to capture the event on video. Well, according to what she declared later, even though at first she believed that the animal was just playing, when she realized what was happening she had to record it, because she knew otherwise no one would believe her.



The event took place in a city in Brazil, and the images soon went viral, not only in this region, but around the world. Thanks to the intervention of the cat, Luh and her son were able to enter the house again without major setbacks. In addition, Pantera has earned a faithful friend and the admiration of the entire internet.



This kitten visits the grave of the dog who adopted her and cared for her as her own daughter every day

A person’s pets are capable of developing attachment to each other, regardless of the species to which each one belongs. Well, although it is believed that dogs and cats cannot live together much, it could be said that the love for their human parents invites them to love each other.

A story quite similar to this scenario was lived by a man named Nadir Rodigues for several years. This man, a resident of a town in São Paulo, Brazil, witnessed firsthand how cats and dogs are capable of loving each other unconditionally.


It all started when she adopted a dog that she named Naná, which she kept under her care for several years until she decided to adopt kittens to accompany her. Both the kittens and the dog managed to get along quite well.

But it was the adoption of a little kitten that made an even more radical change in the behavior that dogs and cats are believed to have. When Nadir adopted this feline, she was barely a couple of months old, and she already had eight other really adorable cats in her home.



For dog Naná, the addition of this kitty to the family just warmed her furry heart. For some reason, the dog took the cat in as her adoptive daughter and constantly watched over her safety. Their bond grew to the point that they played together during the day and took long naps together when they were exhausted.

Despite the fact that the happiness of everyone at home was quite overflowing, some bad news changed the whole panorama, since Naná’s state of health was deteriorating rapidly and there was little to do. It didn’t take long for Naná to pass away and leave Nadir and her kittens devastated with her departure.

Although for none of them the pain was something bearable, for the little kitten that Naná had welcomed as her daughter it meant an irremediable loss. It is no secret to anyone that animals are capable of feeling the losses of other pets or people who are quite close to them, and that they also suffer as a result.



Since Naná passed away, there was not a day that the little cat did not go to lie down on the place where Nadir had buried the dog. It was as if the cat knew that the body of the dog that she gave her so much affection for a long time lay there.

The news went viral on the internet and condolence messages for both the kitten and Nadir were not long in coming. Now the nine kittens and their adoptive father are facing the situation, remembering that the most important thing is what they have experienced.



Worker discovers in time a tiny kitten trapped in the engine of his excavator

A man named Matt was doing a construction project for his job when he noticed the faint meowing of a feline. He decided to stop all the machines and excavators on the project to identify the source of the sound.

Indeed, inside the engines of one of the excavators, he found a very small cat, just a few days old. Although he was not the only cat found in these conditions, he was the only survivor, so Matt had to disarm part of the excavator’s plates to free the animal.


With the intention of ensuring the cat’s integrity, Matt took the kitten to his sister Amy for help, since his experience with baby cats in risky conditions was almost nil and he wanted to help the kitten survive.


As Amy herself declared on her social networks, Matt brought the kitten wrapped in a jacket to keep her warm. The cat was named Max, and the veterinary diagnosis revealed that he was just a few days old and weighed 70 grams; very little even for a kitten his age.



On top of this, the feline still had its umbilical cord attached to its body and although Matt expected the cat’s feline mother to show up at the construction site, this never happened.

To take care of Max, Amy cleaned him carefully with cotton balls, to remove from the cat’s fur the grease and oil that had soaked into his body during his stay in the bulldozer’s engine. In addition, the little kitten had suffered slight burns around its face and on its front legs.



During the first day of Max’s care, Amy says that she was not separated from him for a second and that she constantly showered him with cuddles. Actually, the woman was quite worried, as the cat was very small and the chances of it surviving were slim.

However, Max clung on very tightly to life and it didn’t take long for him to gain more weight. When he opened his eyes, he set about exploring every corner of the house, chasing after Amy to snuggle with her and take naps from her. Well, upon discovering the comfort of the human bed, Max did not want to sleep anywhere else.



Now Max has grown into a really lovely young orange tabby kitten. Thanks to the intervention of Matt and his sister Amy, this kitty finds himself living a life full of love and cuddles.




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Cat returns to the home it abandoned two years ago after the death of its owner

A feline that had had to go through situations of all kinds in the abandonment of the streets, frequently approached, although suspiciously, the sill in the kitchen window of a house. Inside there was a subject and his cat, named Season, who curiously looked at the other cat.

It didn’t take long for the man to grant him access to the visiting kitten, who only had three legs and had also lost half of his tail. Despite this, the cat was quite friendly and managed to get along very well with Season, spending hours playing together, but the visiting kitten always returned to the street.


In a short time, the family of that subject decided to formalize the kitten’s welcome home. So he soon had his own place to sleep, his plate of food, and his own name, Bubby. The cat accepted the welcome delightedly, but since he had developed wild abilities, he always returned to the street.


Everything changed when the man who had reached out to the cat passed away in 2017. Bubby had not returned home in a few days, and that man’s family did everything they could to find the cat before leaving the house, but it was in vain.



It was not until two years later, in 2019, that a neighbor claimed to have seen him enter the home, as he remembered that his friend was taking care of that peculiar three-legged orange feline.

The house where Bubby had once been given a new home was owned by other people. So the neighbor, Ray Pinsent, contacted the owner of the place so that when the cat returned she would let him in and let him know.



A couple of months after his request, the woman informed him that the cat was in the kitchen, poor Bubby was quite emaciated. It seemed life on the streets had been very hard on him and it was unlikely that he would survive much longer. Ray Pinsent picked the kitten up off the floor and rushed him to the vet immediately.

It was there that the story of the feline was revealed, as the daughter of the man who helped Bubby for the first time came to tell all about it. She even brought Bubby’s food dishes with her so that she would be more comfortable at the Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables rescue center.



A volunteer at the care center, named Sarah MacLeod, couldn’t help but be moved by the kitten’s story and decided to take it home to provide care and adapt it to a more familiar environment. But what would be temporary care ended up becoming a permanent adoption. Now Bubby can be loved, as she was the first time, forever.




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A woman pretends to be injured so she can rescue a stray dog

When pets are abandoned on the streets, they have to face life-threatening scenarios that make them lose trust in people. Many of these pets must go through a rather complex process to regain their trust in people.

An innocent little dog had to face the harshness of his fate of abandonment all alone. The animal was left to fend for itself on the streets with its former family not caring at all about its ability to adapt and survive.


The reason why the animal was abandoned is unknown, since in some cases it is due to the sick pet reaching an advanced age, but this was not the case with this dog. In any case, fortunately for the dog, a young couple who came across the puppy couldn’t help but intervene to give the animal a second chance.

Despite the fact that his intention was quite good, the puppy was oblivious to what this couple intended to do and moved away with considerable impetus from any attempt to get closer to these people. But these youngsters were far from giving up on the dog.



For Amanda Guarascia and Dylan Parkinson, helping this animal had become a common goal. They had come across the dog while walking around the town where they live, and surprised by the dog’s emaciated appearance, they knew they had to intervene.

The little dog, who was quite skinny and obviously hungry, was quite strong-willed. Well, despite the fact that the couple brought him food and water, he refused to receive help for fear that it was a trap.



After many attempts, the young people believed that all was lost, but Amanda came up with the idea of ​​bringing out the sensitive side of the pet. Pretending that she was injured, the woman stretched out on the ground, her back to the dog, and crawled closer.



The dog, intrigued, did not move away, but approached her with a protective instinct to assess her condition, so Amanda took the opportunity to surround the dog and proceed to load it. This is how the couple managed to help the animal, transferring it to a rescue center where they gave it the necessary care.



After a while, the dog was adopted by a new family, who named it Bear. Now the adorable canine has managed to find a new home with people who love him, thanks to the intervention of selfless young people who went out of their way to lend him a helping hand.



Kitten only 4 weeks old is rescued from a fire and adopted by the vet who took care of her

In Las Vegas, a kitten was rescued from a dumpster fire. According to the preliminary tests, the cat was burned alive, but fortunately, Animal Protection arrived on time and they were able to save her. The animal had third degree burns.

Immediately upon encountering this scene, Animal Protection was able to urgently send her to the Foundation, where they treated her for her leg injuries, which they had to bandage.

She couldn’t move, because her pads were battered. In addition, she had her whiskers and fur burned, and third-degree burns on her ears and tail.


She was a very small kitten, she was only four weeks old and her body temperature was low. She was put in the incubator to regulate and finish her growth stage. The foundation financed all treatment at the Pet Health hospital.

With all the treatment and care the cat gradually recovered, although due to the severity of the burns they left some scars.

Adopted by her caretaker

Once healthy, the cat was ready to be adopted by a loving owner, but the veterinarian who cared for her and healed her injuries at the hospital volunteered for Savannah’s adoption.



After spending so much time caring for her, vet Alex Reyes immediately took a liking to Savannah. In addition, he comments that the most moving and inspiring thing was that Savannah was brave despite everything.

The doctor also comments that Savannah was very sweet, with all her scars she was adorable and she deserves to have a life full of love and happiness, and it is something that he can give her.




In fact, Dr. Reyes commented that her half ears and bald nose make her totally unique and different, and that is what makes her the prettiest cat.

Fortunately, Savannah is in much better health right now. She has the assistance of the veterinarian Reyes, who gently cleans her wounds to prevent her from suffering pain and, in addition, is now her adoptive father. He paints a good life for Savannah alongside Reyes.



Although the event of the fire must have been somewhat traumatic, it unexpectedly resulted in an opportunity to start a new life, with love and care little by little the tragic will remain in the past.