A woman pretends to be injured so she can rescue a stray dog

When pets are abandoned on the streets, they have to face life-threatening scenarios that make them lose trust in people. Many of these pets must go through a rather complex process to regain their trust in people.

An innocent little dog had to face the harshness of his fate of abandonment all alone. The animal was left to fend for itself on the streets with its former family not caring at all about its ability to adapt and survive.


The reason why the animal was abandoned is unknown, since in some cases it is due to the sick pet reaching an advanced age, but this was not the case with this dog. In any case, fortunately for the dog, a young couple who came across the puppy couldn’t help but intervene to give the animal a second chance.

Despite the fact that his intention was quite good, the puppy was oblivious to what this couple intended to do and moved away with considerable impetus from any attempt to get closer to these people. But these youngsters were far from giving up on the dog.



For Amanda Guarascia and Dylan Parkinson, helping this animal had become a common goal. They had come across the dog while walking around the town where they live, and surprised by the dog’s emaciated appearance, they knew they had to intervene.

The little dog, who was quite skinny and obviously hungry, was quite strong-willed. Well, despite the fact that the couple brought him food and water, he refused to receive help for fear that it was a trap.



After many attempts, the young people believed that all was lost, but Amanda came up with the idea of ​​bringing out the sensitive side of the pet. Pretending that she was injured, the woman stretched out on the ground, her back to the dog, and crawled closer.



The dog, intrigued, did not move away, but approached her with a protective instinct to assess her condition, so Amanda took the opportunity to surround the dog and proceed to load it. This is how the couple managed to help the animal, transferring it to a rescue center where they gave it the necessary care.



After a while, the dog was adopted by a new family, who named it Bear. Now the adorable canine has managed to find a new home with people who love him, thanks to the intervention of selfless young people who went out of their way to lend him a helping hand.



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