Kitten only 4 weeks old is rescued from a fire and adopted by the vet who took care of her

In Las Vegas, a kitten was rescued from a dumpster fire. According to the preliminary tests, the cat was burned alive, but fortunately, Animal Protection arrived on time and they were able to save her. The animal had third degree burns.

Immediately upon encountering this scene, Animal Protection was able to urgently send her to the Foundation, where they treated her for her leg injuries, which they had to bandage.

She couldn’t move, because her pads were battered. In addition, she had her whiskers and fur burned, and third-degree burns on her ears and tail.


She was a very small kitten, she was only four weeks old and her body temperature was low. She was put in the incubator to regulate and finish her growth stage. The foundation financed all treatment at the Pet Health hospital.

With all the treatment and care the cat gradually recovered, although due to the severity of the burns they left some scars.

Adopted by her caretaker

Once healthy, the cat was ready to be adopted by a loving owner, but the veterinarian who cared for her and healed her injuries at the hospital volunteered for Savannah’s adoption.



After spending so much time caring for her, vet Alex Reyes immediately took a liking to Savannah. In addition, he comments that the most moving and inspiring thing was that Savannah was brave despite everything.

The doctor also comments that Savannah was very sweet, with all her scars she was adorable and she deserves to have a life full of love and happiness, and it is something that he can give her.




In fact, Dr. Reyes commented that her half ears and bald nose make her totally unique and different, and that is what makes her the prettiest cat.

Fortunately, Savannah is in much better health right now. She has the assistance of the veterinarian Reyes, who gently cleans her wounds to prevent her from suffering pain and, in addition, is now her adoptive father. He paints a good life for Savannah alongside Reyes.



Although the event of the fire must have been somewhat traumatic, it unexpectedly resulted in an opportunity to start a new life, with love and care little by little the tragic will remain in the past.


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