Old, grumpy and antisocial cat, becomes the most tender and affectionate thanks to a kitten that came into his life

An organization that specializes in rescuing and giving stray animals a better life once found an elderly cat. It all happened when a woman made a call to Cats Of San Bernardino . There she explained that there was a cat which had been wandering where he lived for about a year and that the last time she saw him a little sick.

When the workers arrived, they could tell that this was not a wild cat, but rather a domesticated one. They came to the conclusion that someone forgot it when they moved. The cat had no problem with anyone touching him, although he was a bit ill and was missing much of his facial fur.


Due to the state he was in, it was easily noticeable that he had not received any care for a long time. On the other hand, he was sick and was in a state of depression , perhaps because he had been abandoned. But this was not a problem, since thanks to the fact that he received good treatment, he recovered his good appearance.

However, despite the fact that he had already recovered his health and appearance, he was still very reserved and did not associate with any of the other cats around him. But all that took a big turn since Phoenix met Ruby, which she was very delicate because she was a small kitten and she didn’t want to feed on her.



Thanks to Ruby starting to eat well and recovering, she was able to meet Phoenix. Although at first it was not easy for the little kitten to establish a relationship with the old cat, since he did not respond to Ruby ‘s attempts to play . But this situation gradually changed thanks to the feline’s insistence.

In the video uploaded to YouTube by The Dodo you can see how happy this couple of cats are that seem more like a father with his kitten .



Between games and pampering, these two make the days better. When it comes to cats, the term of confidence at an old age is very difficult to reach, but in this case it was the exception.



Thanks to the great work they have done at the Cats Of San Bernardino shelter with Ruby and Phoenix, they will be adopted, but together so that they can continue living together and enjoying their great friendship .


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