Little dog did not get tired of asking for help to rescue his brother fallen in a hole, he never abandoned him

Friendship is not a unique quality of the human being, as there is increasing evidence that even animals are capable of feeling empathy for each other; accompanying each other in difficult moments. This is a story that remembers how friends are by your side when you need them, regardless of the setting.

It all started when a young man named Willians Mollo Flores was walking his dog as usual. During the night, while they were making their usual route, the young man’s dog began to deviate from the route, pulling quite vigorously in an unusual direction.


Intrigued by his pet’s attitude, the young man decided to follow the direction his dog was pointing with so much interest and they ended up arriving at an old construction site. The place seemed abandoned, but when he paid more attention, he noticed the presence of an abandoned puppy that howled as if asking for help.

Despite his initial surprise, when Willians got closer, he realized that the little dog was not asking for help for him, but for another dog that had fallen into a fairly deep hole in the ground.



Although at first she didn’t know how to react, she decided to calm down for a moment and assess her possibilities. Afterward, he wasted no time in calling a local rescue center and making sure to give verbatim directions to the site’s location.

But in the meantime, Willians decided to go back home to get some food and water for the puppies that his pet had found; for it was evident that both were very weak. Back, he also took advantage of looking for a rope to get into the hole and get the dog out safe and sound.



When he got it out, he ran over to the other little dog to lick it and jump around it, as if appreciative of his attempts to attract attention to that extent. It took nearly four hours for rescuers to arrive, but in that time both cubs ate and drank from Williams’ supplies.

The rescuer sent, Valeska Torres, stated that after picking up the puppies, she took them home to protect them from the cold. She remembers that she saw them so close that she did not want to separate them, and at the shelter they were likely to find separate homes.



To avoid a cruel fate for the puppies, Valeska decided to adopt them and give them all the love she can give. Ángel and Salvador, as the dogs were baptized, do not stop hugging, caring for and watching over each other, while Valeska watches over them both.


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