Loving cop rescues severely ill dog and can’t help but adopt him

Rick Broz is a police officer from Lorain, Ohio, who has dedicated his entire life to protecting animals from human abuse. In his town, he is known for his incredible workmanship and huge heart when it comes to animals.

One day at the Lorain police station, they received an anonymous call to report a small dog found outside an abandoned house. Officer Broz immediately went looking for that puppy, but to his surprise, the pet was in a very critical condition.


Arriving at the place, he found Herbie on the ground. He was emaciated and it seemed incredible that he was still alive despite it. This little dog was some kind of pitbull cross and he couldn’t get up or move from that spot.

Among the description the officer provided, he mentioned that Herbie was blind in one eye, had head injuries and a small fracture. As a result of these damages, his head was also slightly swollen and through his eyes there was a large amount of yellowish discharge due to an infection. The little boy’s weight was half the weight he should have and his skin reflected almost perfectly each of his bones.



Officer Broz wasted no time in mobilizing the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic. There the doctors recognized his delicate state and did not give much hope of a recovery. However, Herbie did not take long to recover, since the little one was very strong and managed to advance in his recovery at a speed that surprised the doctors themselves, managing to regain weight and fully move again.

When the little boy’s health improved, Officer Broz did not hesitate to take him home on days off to play with him: he took him for walks and runs in the park. I really enjoyed playing with him.



After many tests, it was discovered that Herbie had adenocarcinoma, which is a type of cancer that cannot be treated. This sad news prevented the little one from being adopted, but luckily for him, Broz made sure to be with the little one for the rest of his days, assuring him the best life anyone could give him.

The park became their favorite place, where they played and ran until they dropped. Despite the news, Broz only cared about making Herbie happy, regardless of whether he would live for a day or 10 years.



Herbie passed away after a few months, but thanks to the good deeds of Officer Broz, there is no doubt that he was always in the place where he could happily rest in peace.

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