Cat returns to the home it abandoned two years ago after the death of its owner

A feline that had had to go through situations of all kinds in the abandonment of the streets, frequently approached, although suspiciously, the sill in the kitchen window of a house. Inside there was a subject and his cat, named Season, who curiously looked at the other cat.

It didn’t take long for the man to grant him access to the visiting kitten, who only had three legs and had also lost half of his tail. Despite this, the cat was quite friendly and managed to get along very well with Season, spending hours playing together, but the visiting kitten always returned to the street.


In a short time, the family of that subject decided to formalize the kitten’s welcome home. So he soon had his own place to sleep, his plate of food, and his own name, Bubby. The cat accepted the welcome delightedly, but since he had developed wild abilities, he always returned to the street.


Everything changed when the man who had reached out to the cat passed away in 2017. Bubby had not returned home in a few days, and that man’s family did everything they could to find the cat before leaving the house, but it was in vain.



It was not until two years later, in 2019, that a neighbor claimed to have seen him enter the home, as he remembered that his friend was taking care of that peculiar three-legged orange feline.

The house where Bubby had once been given a new home was owned by other people. So the neighbor, Ray Pinsent, contacted the owner of the place so that when the cat returned she would let him in and let him know.



A couple of months after his request, the woman informed him that the cat was in the kitchen, poor Bubby was quite emaciated. It seemed life on the streets had been very hard on him and it was unlikely that he would survive much longer. Ray Pinsent picked the kitten up off the floor and rushed him to the vet immediately.

It was there that the story of the feline was revealed, as the daughter of the man who helped Bubby for the first time came to tell all about it. She even brought Bubby’s food dishes with her so that she would be more comfortable at the Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables rescue center.



A volunteer at the care center, named Sarah MacLeod, couldn’t help but be moved by the kitten’s story and decided to take it home to provide care and adapt it to a more familiar environment. But what would be temporary care ended up becoming a permanent adoption. Now Bubby can be loved, as she was the first time, forever.




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