Worker discovers in time a tiny kitten trapped in the engine of his excavator

A man named Matt was doing a construction project for his job when he noticed the faint meowing of a feline. He decided to stop all the machines and excavators on the project to identify the source of the sound.

Indeed, inside the engines of one of the excavators, he found a very small cat, just a few days old. Although he was not the only cat found in these conditions, he was the only survivor, so Matt had to disarm part of the excavator’s plates to free the animal.


With the intention of ensuring the cat’s integrity, Matt took the kitten to his sister Amy for help, since his experience with baby cats in risky conditions was almost nil and he wanted to help the kitten survive.


As Amy herself declared on her social networks, Matt brought the kitten wrapped in a jacket to keep her warm. The cat was named Max, and the veterinary diagnosis revealed that he was just a few days old and weighed 70 grams; very little even for a kitten his age.



On top of this, the feline still had its umbilical cord attached to its body and although Matt expected the cat’s feline mother to show up at the construction site, this never happened.

To take care of Max, Amy cleaned him carefully with cotton balls, to remove from the cat’s fur the grease and oil that had soaked into his body during his stay in the bulldozer’s engine. In addition, the little kitten had suffered slight burns around its face and on its front legs.



During the first day of Max’s care, Amy says that she was not separated from him for a second and that she constantly showered him with cuddles. Actually, the woman was quite worried, as the cat was very small and the chances of it surviving were slim.

However, Max clung on very tightly to life and it didn’t take long for him to gain more weight. When he opened his eyes, he set about exploring every corner of the house, chasing after Amy to snuggle with her and take naps from her. Well, upon discovering the comfort of the human bed, Max did not want to sleep anywhere else.



Now Max has grown into a really lovely young orange tabby kitten. Thanks to the intervention of Matt and his sister Amy, this kitty finds himself living a life full of love and cuddles.




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