This kitten visits the grave of the dog who adopted her and cared for her as her own daughter every day

A person’s pets are capable of developing attachment to each other, regardless of the species to which each one belongs. Well, although it is believed that dogs and cats cannot live together much, it could be said that the love for their human parents invites them to love each other.

A story quite similar to this scenario was lived by a man named Nadir Rodigues for several years. This man, a resident of a town in São Paulo, Brazil, witnessed firsthand how cats and dogs are capable of loving each other unconditionally.


It all started when she adopted a dog that she named Naná, which she kept under her care for several years until she decided to adopt kittens to accompany her. Both the kittens and the dog managed to get along quite well.

But it was the adoption of a little kitten that made an even more radical change in the behavior that dogs and cats are believed to have. When Nadir adopted this feline, she was barely a couple of months old, and she already had eight other really adorable cats in her home.



For dog Naná, the addition of this kitty to the family just warmed her furry heart. For some reason, the dog took the cat in as her adoptive daughter and constantly watched over her safety. Their bond grew to the point that they played together during the day and took long naps together when they were exhausted.

Despite the fact that the happiness of everyone at home was quite overflowing, some bad news changed the whole panorama, since Naná’s state of health was deteriorating rapidly and there was little to do. It didn’t take long for Naná to pass away and leave Nadir and her kittens devastated with her departure.

Although for none of them the pain was something bearable, for the little kitten that Naná had welcomed as her daughter it meant an irremediable loss. It is no secret to anyone that animals are capable of feeling the losses of other pets or people who are quite close to them, and that they also suffer as a result.



Since Naná passed away, there was not a day that the little cat did not go to lie down on the place where Nadir had buried the dog. It was as if the cat knew that the body of the dog that she gave her so much affection for a long time lay there.

The news went viral on the internet and condolence messages for both the kitten and Nadir were not long in coming. Now the nine kittens and their adoptive father are facing the situation, remembering that the most important thing is what they have experienced.



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