Smart and helpful cat helped a woman recover her keys that fell into a hole

Pets are capable of providing people with much more than just company, because with their occurrences they can not only amuse humans, but they can be very helpful when necessary. Of course, if the pet is encouraged to do so.

That’s how a kitten with jet black fur decided to intervene to help a neighbor in distress. A woman named Luh Meira was enjoying a sunny afternoon outside her apartment in the company of her little son, who was innocently playing with the keys to the home.


The little boy, ignorant of the consequences of what he was about to do, decided to drop the keys into a cinder block hole in a nearby small wall, thinking it would be fun. But upon realizing the situation, both Mrs. Luh and the little boy tried to get the keys without being able to.

Everything indicated that they would have to spend the rest of the afternoon outside their home while they found a solution, but the woman did not give up and decided to use a thin stick that she had collected to make her attempts more efficient. But far from achieving it, what she did was attract the attention of a beautiful black cat that was also in the garden.



The cat seemed to be attracted by the movement of the stick in the woman’s hands when trying to get the keys out of the hole, so it jumped on it to nibble on it. Luh recognized the black cat as the pet of one of his neighbors, who named his pet “Panther.” So she tried to push him away, but the cat seemed determined to play for a while.

However, soon the curious Panther realized that there was a strange object in the hole in the block, so he decided to direct all his attention to it. Being quite an agile cat, it didn’t take long for him to get the keys out with hardly any effort, leaving Luh quite surprised.



In fact, when the woman realized the cat’s intentions, she did not hesitate to capture the event on video. Well, according to what she declared later, even though at first she believed that the animal was just playing, when she realized what was happening she had to record it, because she knew otherwise no one would believe her.



The event took place in a city in Brazil, and the images soon went viral, not only in this region, but around the world. Thanks to the intervention of the cat, Luh and her son were able to enter the house again without major setbacks. In addition, Pantera has earned a faithful friend and the admiration of the entire internet.



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