Woman adopts a blind puppy and her other dog becomes her guide dog and best friend

Many know that the dog is considered man’s best friend, but in the case of the same dogs, they are his best friends. Well, when two dogs manage to establish a bond, they will always count on each other to protect and guide themselves.

A 27-year-old named Jess witnessed two dogs grow into best friends, bonded by the need to help each other. It all started when the young woman decided to adopt a blind dog from the shelter where she worked. Because of her incapacity, the families that visited the place in search of a pet did not pay attention to her.


The puppy was named Amos and his personality was quite friendly, but this still made Jess uneasy. Well, at home she had another dog that she had adopted long ago, named Toby, who had not learned to socialize with other pets, since he had been adopted from a kennel.

When he introduced them, his dog Toby’s reaction was as expected, and he growled a few times at Amos, as he liked having his own space and now he would have to share it. However, this initial tantrum only lasted a couple of days, because before Jess knew it, Toby was helping Amos out.



Poor Amos was having a hard time finding enough food and water in his new home. But Toby did not turn a blind eye to the difficulties that his dog companion was going through, so he approached him and guided him to where he found what he was looking for.

This scenario was repeated one day when Jess went out with both dogs for a walk. While Toby led the way and was quite confident, Amos took care of the steps he took so as not to stumble, even stopping at times. When this happened, Toby would lie down next to him until Amos felt he could continue.



Since then, Toby has become Amos’ guide in every way. He accompanies him on walks in parks and helps locate himself within spaces, also protecting him when other dogs approach and Amos feels threatened by them.



Because Jess became sensitive to the situation Amos was going through, not only did Amos’s life change, but also her other dog, Toby, and even herself. Proving that even with a disability, the happy moments and the ability to love of these animals only multiply.





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