Audacious Chilean police officers rescue a homeless puppy about to drown

The event takes place in a community called Vizcachas, where without knowing the risk he was running, a puppy decides to go to a river to quench his thirst without suspecting that something bad could happen.

It seems that the flow of the river grows surprisingly and drags the puppy down the river, which, despite the fact that it resisted, would end up trapped by the current. Neighbors, realizing this fact, request the help of the authorities , some believing that nothing could be done, others that they were not going to pay attention.


To the surprise of many, a patrol responds to the call, beginning the search for alternatives to be able to rescue the puppy, who, if more time passes, could suffer damage from rocks and some logs carried by the river or simply drown.


The history of the canine begins to improve

After tracking the puppy through the river channel, it is thought of catching it in an area that was semi-paved. There, one of the policemen who risks his life descending with the help of a mountaineering team, manages to intercept the lucky puppy.



The river and the current were not the only problems, it was also the reaction that the puppy could have due to the stress it was going through. Fortunately, the puppy remained calm, letting him take it, tie a lifeline to it and then pull and push it until it was out of danger.

Thanks to the expertise of the carabinieri, the story of this puppy came to fruition. We should also thank the person who made the video recording for being able to show that many people today take for granted that animals living on the street do not have the same rights to life as any other being.



The puppy hopes to be more fortunate and find someone who wishes to adopt him and rescue him from the river of solitude where he is still shipwrecked. Although he is being cared for and protected in a shelter, he still needs a home where he can feel part of a family in which he can give and receive all the love that he so badly needs.





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