Stray cat without an eye and a harsh past, finally finds a foster home with her baby

A family from Canada, from a farm in Montreal, took care of stray cats they found around their property. Although they had managed to help some and adopted others, they could not take care of all the cats for much longer.

For this reason, they contacted an animal rescuer near their town named Julie. With the help of the family, Julie set traps to catch all the feral cats on the property and transport them to the Chatons Orphelins Montréal care center.


The diagnosis at the veterinary center revealed that some of the rescued cats were pregnant. But equally, each of the cats was given the required attention before putting them up for adoption. It didn’t take long for most to find a new home to live in without the insecurity of wildlife.

One of the rescued cats had a condition in her eye that made her look cloudy, this was due to suffering from a corneal ulcer. Besides, she was also pregnant and it wasn’t long before she gave birth to her babies. However, despite her condition, as Julie reported, the kitten barely weighed 1.3 kilograms.



The cloudy-eyed cat was christened Remille, and her health status also revealed that she was suffering from feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). However, this did not discourage her and she managed to get by with the care provided.

Well, he adapted, without much effort on the part of the volunteers, to the new life in the rescue center. Requesting petting from staff from time to time, purring in the process.



For one night Remille seemed a bit restless and soon after gave birth to her small litter of four kittens. But due to the unfavorable state of health that the cat had during the gestation of the little ones, three of them died.

Despite the efforts made by the center staff, they only managed to save one kitten. The little cat, named Hardy, was the only one who survived after giving birth. But at no time did he move away from the warmth of his mother.



Although Remille is barely an adult cat, since she is only around 10 months old, she takes great care of her little son. However, she does not despise the help that her caregivers give her with her little cat.

Now both are living in the rescue center facilities. As little Hardy finishes developing and his mother shows him everything a cat needs to know, she finally finds a permanent home to live in.


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