They save a curious kitten that remained stuck in the wall for two days

When pets go outside, they tend to ignore some elements that could put their lives at risk. Because being carried away by the curiosity to explore, many times they do not inspect the environment adequately.

This is what happened to a small cat that was trapped between two walls in a city in the United Kingdom. Although it is not known if the kitten had a family or not, what is certain is that she was carried away by her curiosity and without measuring the risk, she got stuck between the walls.

The adorable cat was stuck between the walls of a mill for almost two days. It was when an establishment worker heard the kitten’s call for help that he began to search around the place, until he found her stuck between a wall.

Subject immediately attempted to remove the animal, but was unsuccessful in the process. Well, despite being careful, he realized that the feline could barely be moved and his attempts to get her out were hurting her.

For this reason, he decided to call experts and that was when the staff of the ‘Pennine Pen Animal Rescue’ center arrived at the scene to intervene. Indeed, it was not possible to get the animal out through the access between the walls because of how exhausted it was. So, they decided to tear down the wall in question carefully, to avoid hurting the cat.

After managing to bring down the wall almost completely, they managed to get the cat out without hurting her. Despite the fact that the cat had entered a state of stress due to the noise so close to the work of the rescuers.

Once they arrived at the care center, the diagnosis revealed that the cat had injured her paws in her attempts to escape. In addition, she was dehydrated and weak from hunger, consequences of the time that she went without meeting these basic needs.

However, the analysis also revealed that the kitten was not entirely alone. Well, she was pregnant and it wasn’t long before she gave birth. Unfortunately, the kittens died shortly after birth. Since its development was not optimal and the time the cat was trapped made the situation worse.

But after the treatments received, the kitten was able to recover her good health. There was only one intervention left to do. Well, a later study of the animal revealed that it had a piece of metal embedded in its body.

Now, the cat is under constant observation, so that once the state of her paws improves completely, the foreign body is removed and she can recover more comfortably. While she waits for a new home to open its doors for her.

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