Woman adopts Bonnie, a dog who was inhumanely mutilated by a heartless being

Bonnie’s story is very crude , even without knowing the minor details, just by looking at her face and body it can be determined that it couldn’t have been worse. In it, the inclemency of her mistreatment is observed, leaving her muzzle mutilated, amputating her left front leg and cutting her tail.

The picture presented by this  affectionate  dog is heartbreaking , but even if it seems difficult, it is even more complicated, because she spent a lot of time on the streets. When she suddenly, fate or luck made her reach out to her, a friendly hand, and thus, Beacon Animal Rescue Center, takes her to the shelter to heal and give her the necessary attention.


His condition was very delicate. Due to the exposure of the wounds, it was difficult for him to eat, he could not walk properly , in short, it was almost impossible to get him to have a normal life again. At that point she thought about her way out of making her sleep forever and thus end her suffering.

Publishing his story was the best idea

Undoubtedly, many were those who supported Bonnie through messages on social networks, but the one who really took the idea of ​​changing the life of this affectionate dog very seriously was the American Kate Comfort.



Just as Bonnie had obstacles that disturbed her life and health, it was not so easy for this lady to be able to adopt the dog; One of her impediments was that she already had 3 dogs at home, and another was convincing her husband to accept not only having another pet, but one under these special conditions.

But the effort was so great in wanting to give peace and happiness to this tormented canine , that she finally achieved her adoption and with this she was able to close the chapters of needs, streets, deficiencies, and above all, the violence that she sadly experienced. She will now have love in a reciprocal way.



Social networks change lives

This story begins to be noticed since the shelter staff publishes the dire conditions in which this canine was found. Step followed by commenting and sharing; with this he manages to reach Kate Comfort, who was the one who writes the last part of this story where everything glimpses happiness .



In Kate’s networks, it is possible to see how happy this affectionate dog lives , where despite her physical limitations, you can see the good treatment she is given and the great love she is finally receiving and deserves so much.

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