The miraculous recovery of a newborn kitten, abandoned and badly injured

Having help in difficult times can make the difference between being victorious or losing in the process. Especially if it’s a small injured animal that can barely communicate its need for care.

Fortunately, there are people who are able to answer this call no matter where it comes from. So they stop to help the little animals that beg for a little help.

A small kitten abandoned alone in the middle of the streets was afraid of dying without any other remedy, when he was rescued by a person who listened to his little cries for help.

The little animal was totally disoriented, not only because of the badly injured state it was in, but because it probably hadn’t eaten in days. In addition, the poor animal could not open its eyes, with the right part of its body being the most affected.

It is unknown who could have left the cat there in those conditions, or if the small animal was the victim of an attack by a larger one or even the cruelty of a human being. What was clear was that the little cat needed urgent care, so the person who stopped to help didn’t waste much more time and got to work.

The first step was to take the kitten to a safer place, so after carefully approaching the little feline baby so as not to scare it, the person carefully put it in a box to move it. Upon reaching a safer place, the person tried to disinfect the kitten’s wounds, but it was a difficult process for the poor animal who was obviously suffering.

Following this, the kitten was given an antibiotic to treat those skin conditions, followed by a bowl of food which the little animal was grateful for. Once the small animal managed to regain strength, the person decided to take it home so that the little one could fully recover.

After a few weeks, the kitten could be seen to have fully recovered its spirits. The wounds on his skin healed and his eyes already showed the characteristic shine of a happy cat.

The process of this rescue was captured in a video that was later shared on the YouTube platform. Where thousands of people have had the opportunity to see it and empathize with the noble cause of rescuing those little ones who find themselves in these situations.

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