The miraculous transformation of a puppy that survived by eating twigs and stones

Animals that are abandoned on the streets must go through very difficult tests, but they are not the only ones that must face such situations. Well, even when pets are taken to shelters, sometimes they are not cared for as they should and they suffer during their stay.

This is the case of a dog that had been baptized as Alex, who despite having been rescued from the streets by Vermillion Parish Rabies Animal Control, his physical and health status did not improve at all. while I was there.


Alex had been picked up from the streets of New Orleans, weighing just 20kg. It was in this same state that the deputy director of the Southern Animal Foundation, a woman named Deanna Theis, saw a photo of the dog and knew she had to intervene immediately.

Mrs. Theis knew that if Alex wasn’t removed from that shelter, he probably wouldn’t survive. Fortunately, getting the dog out of the place was not complicated at all and they managed to take it to a care center to assess the origin of his problems.



During the veterinary clinical check-ups, they managed to reveal that poor Alex had had to go to eat stones and plant branches to satisfy his hunger and try to fill his stomach. This caused different objects to stay lodged in the middle of his intestine.

For this reason, Alex underwent an operation to free him from pain and remove the elements that were lodged inside him. Fortunately, the intervention was successful and the dog recovered slowly, but with enough drive and will to live he managed to get ahead.



It didn’t take long for a family to take an interest in adopting him, and he was taken in by a woman named Diane Lundeen. The two got along so well that Alex gained 3 kg in just a week after being adopted.

As Diane revealed, when she met Alex, the dog had a haunting look and his ribs were palpable. But now, those same eyes do nothing but shine with love and gratitude, because they know they have found a forever home.



Now, eating stones and dry branches to satisfy hunger will be nothing more than a bad memory for the innocent Alex. Well, he has already found a family that will ensure that he meets his needs and that loves him immensely. All thanks to the intervention of people who value animal life and love pets as they should.

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