A cat with maternal instincts becomes the surrogate mother of an abandoned and sick monkey

Many times friendship is not found in those we expect, but by chance life introduces us to these special beings. In the case of the animal world, the species seems to be a barrier that friendship does not know and can easily overcome.

This time, it is the story of an adorable monkey who found, in nothing less than a cat, her best friend who would help her continue living fully.


It all started when lifeguards from a shelter in India, specifically located in the town of Dhanotu, found themselves face to face with a little monkey abandoned to its fate. Apparently, she had been left in the middle of the streets with signs of having suffered an accident in which she was electrocuted.

The monkey, who had been christened Avni, had burns all over her body and had apparently been left there by the family that had adopted her. Despite the fact that the rescuers found what used to be Avni’s house, the people there did not want to take care of it at all and had abandoned it on purpose.



For this reason, the monkey was transferred to a Peepal shelter, where they could provide better care. The result of being exposed to a source of electricity and being burned had rendered one of her arms useless, to the point where vets had no choice but to amputate it.

The recovery took longer than expected, but not from the physical injuries, but from the little monkey’s state of mind. Well, despite the fact that in a couple of months her physical condition was much better, Avni looked quite depressed.



It was clear that having been rejected by those who had once given her a home had left her quite devastated. To the point where there were days when she didn’t eat or leave her cage to play with other animals.

But everything changed when the monkey was approached by a cat named Billo, who, despite having been in the shelter for years, never came to interact with Avni until then. Although at first the monkey was somewhat suspicious, it didn’t take long for her to give the cat a chance and they became best friends with her.



Avni played regularly with Billo, to the point of sharing naps and meal times, as if they were inseparable. It was as if Billo knew what Avni needed and gave her a second chance at life by inviting her to be her friend.



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