Meet Morocho, the brave Argentine bulldog who faced a puma to save 2 girls

The loyalty of pets towards their humans is undoubtedly an example that when you truly love, there are no limits to anything. Demonstrating that a good relationship between pets and people can make a difference in times of trouble.

For this reason, it is not strange to find stories where pets risk everything in order to keep their human parents safe when they know they are threatened. Doing everything in their power to protect what they love so much.


In this case, it is the story of a heroic dog named Morocho, who managed to save the lives of his human father’s daughters. All this in the midst of a tense and threatening moment that seemed to be lost for the little girls and a confrontation from which Morocho seemed to be the loser.

The event in question took place in Argentina, in a rural area dedicated to agricultural and field production. There, Morocho had been bred as a hunting dog, or ‘dogo’ as it is commonly known in Argentina.



Everything was going well until, in the afternoon, the two little daughters of the father of the family decided to go out to pick fruit. The girls were quite trusting, as they used to go there daily and climb on the trees to collect what they wanted.

However, this time the danger was imminent, because in the middle of the bush, there was a puma waiting for its prey. So it didn’t take long for him to run towards the girls, but they realized the threat and ran back to their home.



Obviously, the balance was tipping in favor of the puma and he was getting closer to catching the two girls. However, it was then that Morocho appeared and pounced on the puma to contain it.

Fortunately, Morocho had closely followed the little girls when they had left the house and was watching them closely. Since it is a hunting dog, Morocho managed to face the puma and fight it while the girls were safe inside their home and notified their father of what had happened.



Morocho not only contained the puma, but also managed to defeat it given his upbringing as a hunting dog. Thanks to his agility, he barely had a few scratches on his face and came out alive after the match.

Now, Morocho is known by all Internet users as a true hero for his valuable intervention. Reminding people how valuable the company of a pet can be in any setting.


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