Young man buries dogs that lost their lives on the road so that they “rest in peace”

Dogs and cats that are run over often do not have a home. And unfortunately no one cares about giving them a decent burial.

A young man from Argentina decided to take matters into his own hands in this serious problem. For many people this measure seems strange, but giving a decent burial to dogs that die on the side of the road is something that only heroes do.

His name is Axel Miszczuk   and he is a young man from Cañuelas Argentina, he is a lover of animals and the environment.

“Animals, especially dogs, deserve a dignified end like us humans” commented Axel.

This brave young man along with his girlfriend, began to carry out this honorable mission. The dogs were run over and cruelly abandoned on the roads and need a decent burial.

“I grab the shovel, I tell my girlfriend we are going to bury a puppy and we start on the motorcycle. We make the well, we bury it and we send it off with affection. And we left a cross that I make at home with wood with the inscription ‘a best friend’ , commented Axel Miszczuk.

The bodies of lifeless animals on the side of roads, highways and highways are the ‘daily bread’, which is why Melanie de los Angeles Lucero and her boyfriend Axel are ready to change this sad and harsh reality because: “they deserve an end like ours, in peace”.

“Many times coming home after work I see a dead puppy or they call me to tell me and I don’t doubt it. I don’t care what time it is. I go home, I prepare everything and I’m going to bury it. I know that with good acts one attracts good things and this is my contribution. I feel complete and happy every time I go to bury an animal. They tell me I’m crazy, but it fills my soul” , he acknowledged.

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