A dog sits in the same place every day and watches the sunset.

Sunsets are one of the best gifts that nature gives us. In this Educational Pet article we will talk about a puppy that enjoys this time of day so much.

The routine of the Golden Retriever has touched the hearts of millions of dog lovers. According to Katelyn Nassar, her dog sits in the same spot every day and watches the sunset.

She shared the heartwarming video on TikTok and commented that her dog’s routine moves her.

Millions of viewers on TikTok   and other social networks agreed with Katelyn’s sentiments. “Dogs appreciate things that we take for granted” was one of the comments. Another thinks her dog is an “old soul.”

Shocked by her dog’s routine, a bystander suggested Katelyn join him, and together they would enjoy the incredible sunset. And she agreed, sharing this sweet follow-up video.

Katelyn Nassar also shared a video of the family cat sometimes joining the dog to enjoy the views from her balcony in Austin, Texas.

It is true that day after day we have many occupations, but setting aside a moment of our time to see a sunset is something that will help us reflect and meditate. That is why this beautiful little dog enjoys it so much.

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