Pitbull learns to wear diapers to help his owners with their newborn baby.

Dogs have become man’s best friend not only because of the joy they bring us, but above all because they are very useful. It’s been a long time since then, but today many of us don’t feel the need to use our dogs to help us love them.

But that doesn’t mean dogs don’t feel the need to help, or that they can’t; it just means they need to be helped. And today’s post reminds us.

Corinne and her young family have two dogs. One of them has become an indispensable helper in the house. You see, Wrigley has learned a new trick that would make most parents envious. He learned to bring Corinne her baby’s diaper.

Wrigley and Lulu, the two rescue dogs, were prepared when they found out Corinne was pregnant.



The newborn arrived in August and his name is Freddy.

Wrigley is one of the smartest dogs I know and loves to learn and work on new things. When I found out we were expecting, I knew I wanted her with the baby, too. Actually, it only took him a few days to learn that trick and in a few weeks he had it down. I’ve trained Wrigley myself and I’ve really enjoyed this kind of bond with her. Wrigley knows a lot of tricks! She had already learned to bring me things that I had dropped on the floor, so I built on that and associated the command “diaper” specifically with bringing a diaper to hand. We practice using food distractors and try to add other objects to make the task more difficult. She also moved the diapers around the room and around the house so she would have to take them out. It was interesting to observe that 



Video of Wrigley exploding on the internet with the new skills he learned from her: “Wrigley is a very funny dog.

Wrigley is a very funny dog. She is always very happy and never forgets to put a smile on your face. She gets along great with all the dogs she meets, and she loves everyone she meets too! Photography is my hobby and she is always willing to pose for me and participate in product photography. She always poses for me and participates in product photography. Because the camera means that she receives a gift. She wears glasses as we walk through the woods and also to protect her eyes from the sun. She Now she is an adventurous dog/nanny dog! In our Instagram and TikTok you will find incredible photos of our day to day and our adventures. We are looking forward to Freddy joining us.”

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