A homeless man prefers to go without food to feed abandoned cats

A man from Thailand has inspired many by giving a stray cat everything it needs and together they have changed not only the animal but also his life.

This man’s heart and love for the cats he found on the streets was greater than the resources he lacked.

This man had a sign selling lemons in Bangkok and a woman noticed him, approached him, asked him more about the destination of the money and recorded the story in a photo that he shared on social networks and that was collected by different media.

In Thailand, a homeless man became popular by raising the money himself, sharing a photo of himself begging for money to buy food for a homeless cat.

‘It doesn’t matter if I starve or not. The only thing that matters is that it’s full of cats. I love cats.

That is the phrase of one of the many posters that this man put up to attract the attention of passers-by so that he could sell them some of his lemons to buy cat food.

As the days went by, the photo went viral. People began to frequent one of the BTS (subway) stations in Bangkok to meet him and support him. Some people started collecting donations, others bought lemons. In this way, he was able to get food to feed them without having to skip meals.

More and more people are coming together to support him

Then other people also pitched in to give her a makeover and new clothes.

He was famous at the time, but he didn’t let his head get the attention it deserved. And for months he went to the bridge every day to sell limes, because life was meaningless without his beloved cat.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. After all, your self-esteem is defined by how good you are.

This is one of the lessons that this story of a Thai man shares with us, who did not need to eat and caused many people to help him without knowing his name or him. Shortly after changing his image, he returned to the streets to sell limes, as he never forgets the kittens that depend on him.


How can you help?

According to Meow and other websites, photos of this man flooded the internet a few years ago. Changes in life and support came hand in hand. The last place he was was Thailand. If you want to help, you can do it locally with an animal association that operates in your city or country. You can donate your time as a volunteer or food. If it inspires you, it’s the best way to keep the conversation going that you can continue in your community.

Another way to help is to rescue and foster a cat or dog while you find them a home. It doesn’t matter if you have few or many resources. Remember to support them.

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