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Miraculσus rescue σf a dσg that survived 18 hσurs undergrσund

After the disaster, this dog was underground for more than 18 hours, and thanks to his barking they were able to find and save him. Miracle!

A terrible avalanche has killed five people in Guatemala. But this dog managed to save himself thanks to his persistent barking and the solidarity of his rescuers.

Wewetenango, in Guatemala, suffered a strong avalanche that destroyed seven houses and killed six people. Without the help of rescuers, many more people would have died.

But the solidarity of these heroes not only extended to humans, but also to animals, like this dog that survived for more than 18 hours on the ground.

It was the loud barking of the animal that alerted the rescuers. Rescuers followed the source of the sound and found the trapped animal.