Shelter Pit Bull Running Out of Time Extends Paw for Help

John Patel and his wife, Kayla, weren’t entirely sure they wanted a dog. But one day, John went to a local shelter in Jackson, Tennessee, USA, to find out. But the friendly pitbull, she didn’t bark or jump and she immediately caught John’s attention.

John told The Dodo: “There are a lot of pit bulls there.

There were a lot of pitbulls and cats, and the dogs were barking and jumping on top of their cages.”

She was sitting very quiet while the other dogs barked. So I went over to his cage and pulled a little leg out of him, and when I reached my hand he pulled a little leg out through the cage, and so I called Kayla and said, ‘You have to keep this dog.’

The little family discovered that the pit bull’s previous owner had abandoned her at the shelter, claiming she was “no longer cute.”

John added

When she stopped being a puppy they left her there. When she was a puppy, people took her because she thought she was pretty, and when she became an adult, they just threw her away, and that’s what happened. “

Kayla said: “I’m so proud of her.

To this day, she is so sweet and caring that I can’t understand why anyone would abandon her. She has never met a person or a tennis ball that she didn’t immediately like.

They named the dog Ellie and rescued her the same day John visited the shelter, but had to convince her to stay with him until the following Monday.

They said that if we didn’t come on Monday they would have to euthanize him. He was only one year old and if he had been euthanized it would have been a wasted life.

The family kept their promise. On Monday, John picked up Ellie from her shelter and took her to her house, and Ellie couldn’t believe her luck.

John added: “I took her to the door.

As soon as I walked her out the door she ran across the floor, jumped on the bed and then onto the couch.”

After overcoming her initial excitement, Ellie began to relax into her new life with her new family.

That night we gave him a bath. She stayed lying in the bathtub with the water running. It was really interesting.

Ellie loves sleeping, playing with her tennis ball, and following her new parents wherever they go.

Kayla commented

He will never lose sight of you. Even when you leave the room… she comes after you because she wants to see you. I think she loves us and always wants to be close to us.

Kayla said, “She’s a pit bull.

Being a pit bull, people have crossed the street to avoid passing near her. Also, many people secretly gossip about her. However, she literally chases butterflies all day. She would never hurt anyone.

When John first visited the shelter, the family hadn’t planned on adopting a dog, but they can’t imagine life without adorable Ellie.

Kayla added

“At first we were a little worried about bringing the dog home, but now that she’s here…our family isn’t complete without her.”

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