Man Takes His Dog for a Walk Before Putting Him to Sleep

Sometimes life can be very cruel and sad, and from one moment to another what we love most can be gone forever.

This happened to a man who decided to put his best friend to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer anymore.  Why did he make this decision?

The puppy had cancer and the best thing was to put him to sleep to end his pain.

Just like people, dogs can develop cancer, especially as they age. According to Pets WebMD, canine cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10, having a significant impact on 50% of dogs at some point in their lives.

Part of the longevity of our dogs is due to a lifetime of veterinary care and attention, but unfortunately old age can cause many problems, including cancer. Fortunately, if cancer is caught early, it’s likely treatable, so it’s important to know the symptoms, identify them early, and seek veterinary help before the cancer progresses.

In the case of this puppy it was already too late, his owner comments the following: “With my broken heart and my soul full of pain I said goodbye to the best canine friend I’ve ever had “EL MACE”, the beautiful mace, The mace in love with his Master, my 4-legged friend in a fight against cancer and suffering a lot, I had to accept that they sacrifice him so that he will stop suffering… But without first giving him one last ride in the car as he liked and a moment just for the two of us, Thanking him for being so noble, loyal and loving to me and my family… I lost the best dog I’ve ever had… MY MACE! MY MACERMOSO! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! MY FRIEND”

Here you can see the photos of this sad moment

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