Incredible transformation of a rescued Siberian Husky.

Every year animal shelters rescue thousands of dogs that are cruelly abandoned on the streets. Sometimes rescuers go to great lengths to save the lives of these furry ones.

The animal shelter This Is Houston, rescued a puppy who was in horrible condition, the hope that he might live was slim.

On their Facebook page they commented the following:

One year ago today we rescued a dog that would prove that miracles exist.

He wandered the streets of Cleveland, TX until he collapsed in someone’s yard and couldn’t go on anymore. We found his frail body, emaciated, wounded and bloody barely clinging to life.

There were ant trails leading to his body and there were bugs eating his eyes that were sunken into. He used every last bit of power he had to lift his head and acknowledge that we were there to help him.

We sped our way to the ER, which was over an hour away, constantly checking the backseat to make sure he was still breathing. We held his paw letting him know we were there with him.

When he got to the ER, he coded not just once but twice. They revived him both times. He was hospitalized for 21 days. It took him about a week to open up to his eyes. And it took me about 2 weeks to learn to walk again.

After being told by his two vets that he would not survive and would not live a healthy life, here he is. Here he is as happy and healthy as possible.

Happy one year, Jake.

At Mascota Educativa we are very happy with the progress that Jack has made this year. And all thanks to the efforts of the This Is Houston Association.

If you want to support this animal shelter we leave you their Facebook.

In social networks, many people commented that they are very happy with the progress of this puppy.

“Oh my Jake, what a handsome boy you are! I saw Jake for the first time on your page and started following immediately, I wanted so much for Jake to prove everyone wrong and keep fighting so he could have that loving family that would give him so much.” love. You did it, well done sweetie and all those wonderful people who gave Jake a chance Thank you, ” commented a user on Facebook.

“This story broke my heart. It’s hard to believe that a community would allow a dog to reach death’s door before asking for help. I followed this story closely as Jake made his long and miraculous recovery. It shows what love, compassion and care can do. THANK YOU to everyone who came to rescue Jakes and never gave up on him…and to the family who adopted him and continue to care for him” We love you Jake! A user commented on Facebook.

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