She-wolf Abandoned By Her Mother Is Adopted Into A Human Family

Wolves as pets are only allowed in certain countries, and they have to undergo strict training. In Mexico it is not allowed to have a wolf as a pet, since the Mexican Wolf is in danger of extinction.

In this Educational Pet article we will talk about Kira, a little wolf that her mother abandoned a few days after being born and could not survive on her own in the wild like other wolves.

Unfortunately, her mother and siblings did not accept her, so the shelter staff made the decision to separate her from her family. In nature and the animal kingdom this happens very often, since they do it in order to guarantee the survival of the species.

Fortunately, Alida, a woman who lives in Russia, decided to adopt Kira when she was 28 days old, she started feeding her milk and training her.

“Kira’s mom lived with a family, but unfortunately they couldn’t take care of her, and a nursery took her in, for this reason she no longer trusts people. Kira was born there” , Alida commented.

On her Instagram Alida tells us the following:

“The wolf does not perform in the circus!” “If he follows your orders, then he is not a wolf” – two phrases that are constantly written to me by narrow-minded people, who have become sponsors of this video with home training.

So guys, let’s bust the myths:

Wolves and hybrids lend themselves well to training, but there will not be 100% obedience. This is not a human-centered animal and when making a decision is guided only by himself, unlike working dogs.

Was it difficult to teach you your orders? Not once did he do everything on the fly. But on the street with irritants and in the presence of puppies it is already much more difficult: to choose between a tasty delicacy from my hands, to execute an absolutely uninteresting order for her, and to play with a puppy, Kira, of course, will choose the latter.

Dog owners will say: then it is necessary to educate so that it does not stretch, does not tear.

Well, how would I educate? The success of the breeding depends entirely on the amount of repetition of the command. I often go with her in public places, talking rudely, causing situations where she sticks bananas in her ears, she doesn’t hear or see me, because it’s by creating those situations with my behavior control that she will eventually learn to behave like that, how I would like it to behave, not tear, not pull on the leash, etc.

To be honest, there is nothing supernatural in the video for me, it’s just a base, I don’t know how other Wolf and hybrid owners raise their pets. They probably don’t need it, because 99% of wolf animals live in private homes, and Kira and I are in the city, between people, cars and dogs.

Kira’s potential is huge, she’s very smart, but me:

  • I don’t make it my goal to train her as a creature to follow orders.
  • For this you need to train the animal 24/7 for the first year, and I like harmonious coexistence with her.

Despite the challenges her owner has faced, Kira lives happily with her family, is fully housebroken and poses no problem.

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