Golden Retriever Beautiful And Unique! Born With A Rare Skin Condition

To many people, the appearance of this Golden Retriever dog may seem like a major flaw. But we must remember that many times external beauty does not matter, rather what is in the heart. And when it comes to our four-legged friends, they have the sincerest of hearts.

Since ancient times, dogs have proven to be man’s best friend, and they love us regardless of whether we are tall or small, if we have any flaws for them it does not matter.

Despite this “so perfect” imperfection that it possesses, thousands of people are in love with its appearance. His name is Enzo Viola and he is a Golden Retriever. He currently lives in Texas, United States and on his Instagram he has more than 196 thousand followers.

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This Golden Retriever was born with a very rare genetic mutation, resulting in a large black mole on the left side of his face.

In an interview, his owner commented that they are completely in love with Enzo and that despite the fact that he has a genetic mutation, it does not affect his health at all.

On his Instagram we can see great photos that are constantly uploaded. From when he was such an outgoing and playful little puppy to the dog we know today.

“Your mustaches are white or black” Instagram: mister.enzoviola

“Hey, if you’re not busy right now, I really think I’ll throw this ball across the turf.” Instagram: mister.enzoviola

“When you’re curled up on the couch but want to make sure bae has the most comfortable spot” Instagram: mister.enzoviola

“Last night dozens of little humans came to my house for treats (note they didn’t have to sit or turn around for any of them – unfair) I had the important job of meeting you all. I’m totally tired” Instagram: mister.enzoviola

His owners mention that he is a very active dog and that he needs at least two walks a day. It must be remembered that this breed of dog has a lot of energy and a calm and trusting personality with acquaintances and strangers, so they are not good guards, but the intelligence in the Golden Retrievers is known in the Top 5 of the most intelligent dogs trained in obedience.

Recently Enzo was sick, but through his Instagram they tell us the following:

“Improving fuzzier, friskier and hungrier every day. Also totally on top of this hat and this whole break is getting a bit boring.”

Without a doubt, Enzo Viola shows us that he can be a great friend, regardless of his appearance.

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