Four Cats Rescued Right Out Of The Ocean By Heroic Thai Navy Officer

It is no secret that cats sometimes manage to get themselves into some pretty tricky situations, and often those same cats need a little help being rescued. But these cats take it to a whole new level!

Take note, fellow cats (if you’re reading this,) the bar for cat shenanigans has been raised. You don’t have to live up to these cat themed expectations, but just know where they’re at.

The Thai Navy was out investigating a sinking boat, to make sure that it was not leaking oil into the ocean and causing dangerous consequences for marine life. While investigating, however, officers noticed something peculiar; several cats clinging on to the sinking ship.

Can you imagine that sight? Not many people would expect to see cats in the middle of the ocean on a sinking ship.

What followed next is a tale of bravery. Where some might have abandoned the kitties, this brave officer swam across the ocean several times to rescue each and every one of those precious cats!

Seeing how someone treats animals is a fantastic way to know whether they are a good person or not. It stands to say that this fella and the way he treated these innocent cats shows us that he is a darn good person.

Thai Navy Officers were investigating wreckage to check for an oil spill, when First-Class Petty Officer Wichit Pukdeelon noticed that there were four cats huddled on the sinking boat

Thatsaphon Saii quickly put on a life jacket and swam 50 feet over to the boat.

They had to act quickly as the sinking boat was starting to catch fire.

He rescued the cats one by one…

With the cats clinging to him for dear life!

Imagine the kitty scratches!

Eventually, all four cats were safe on their boat.

The rescue cats are now being taken care of.

The cats were checked over, and the relevant authorities have been contacted about the sinking ship.

The cats having a cuddle with their new hero!

What an amazing story! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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