Dog helps a street artist with his act

Animals can acquire really incredible abilities, they are very intelligent beings and full of a lot of love. In this Educational Pet post, you will learn about the case of a dog with a very surprising ability.

A dog named Jasper has a very extraordinary ability and uses it to help her master. They are both street artists and their job is to be a statue in the streets of Brazil.

Dog helps her adoptive father, a great street artist with his human statue routine.

Brazil is a country with a very beautiful culture, just any street we visit will be full of artists who do a great job. It is almost impossible to go unnoticed to an artist like human statues. This job requires a lot of practice, patience and a lot of creativity, not everyone can do it.

But will it be possible for a puppy to master this type of skills? Well, that’s what Jaspe and his father, Yorge Luis Ruiz, do. Originally this street artist began to practice his show in Venezuela, later moving to Brazil.

For years he has worked very hard to perfect his work so that he can entertain the people who pass by. The most beautiful thing about all this is his great companion, and this undoubtedly differentiates him from the rest of the artists.

In addition to being a pet and his best friend, Jaspe helps Luis on a daily basis with his work activities. Perhaps this dog has a natural talent and a very high intelligence. In addition to her, her brown hair matches perfectly with this artist’s costume, which is gold and copper.

Luis comments that he has never trained Jasper. “ Maybe her gift came naturally, she’s really smart and beautiful. The trick happened when he kissed the little dog and she went completely still” he commented.

This duo has become very popular on social media, with more than 131,000 followers on their Instagram account. Even this fact did not go unnoticed and was captured on video by the state secretary of culture, since his videos exceed a million views.

Thanks to the innate gift that this dog possesses, this young Venezuelan is now recognized worldwide.

In one of his posts, Yorge comments: “During these 2 months that have passed, there have been days of a lot of learning and we have come back stronger and changed many habits and everything together with God and my faith.”

Recently on his Instagram cachorrinhaartistaofficial Luis posted that Jaspe had fallen ill and would need emergency surgery. Everything seems to be going well.

“Good morning my people, we hope that everyone is well, thanks for the messages of support and affection. Everything will be fine, thanks for the strength, people ” Luis wrote in his most recent publication.

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