Blind Shelter Dog Always Runs When He Hears His Best Friend’s Voice

Sometimes the life of a street dog can be very difficult, and more so if they suffer from an illness or disability. In this Educational Mascot post we will talk about Arafa, a puppy with a difficult past.

Arafa suffered a lot in the dangerous streets, for a long time he was alone and as if that were not enough, Arafa did not look out of both eyes. Thanks to the action of a good man, he was able to be rescued and is now in the best possible conditions, receiving a lot of love and affection.

Ahmed Embaby is a volunteer at  Furever Rescue Foster, and he was the one who rescued Arafa from the dangerous streets of Cairo, Egypt. For a long time Arafa wandered alone and blind, but this condition is not an impediment to showing love and affection towards other people, especially her rescuer Ahmed.

The Furever Rescue Foster Shelter houses hundreds of dogs that have been rescued from the street, and many in particular have disabilities. Thanks to the good deed of all the members, these dogs can now enjoy a better life.

Arafa runs with excitement when she hears her caretaker’s voice.

Dogs that are blind typically sharpen their other senses to a higher level, such as hearing. Arafa seems to listen very well to the voice of her best friend, since they have formed a very special bond, and most of the time they are together.

“Arafa is my guardian, even though he can’t see, he follows me everywhere I go during the day,” Embaby said.


On the mornings that Embaby arrives at the shelter, Arafa immediately hears his voice and runs out to greet him. Although I can’t see him because of his condition, he knows that he is there and that he is his best friend.

His caretaker is very happy that the puppy he rescued and could not see loves him very much. In fact, she is always by his side. Something that undoubtedly fills us with great sadness is that Arafa will never be able to recover her sight, we do not know much about how he lost it, but thanks to the entire shelter team, he is now a very healthy and happy puppy.

Embaby, her main caregiver, commented the following:

He is doing very well. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel when I see a rescue dog get better. “I just can not”.

This man and the other members of the shelter must feel very proud to help these animals that suffer a lot. And without a doubt the best reward for it is the love they receive. There is still much to be done in the area of ​​rescuing animals, and thanks to people like Embaby,  many homeless dogs are now enjoying a decent life.

Now what is expected is that all the puppies from the shelter, including Arafa, can find a definitive home where they are filled with love and care.


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