A dog with separation anxiety disorder waits for his owner all day

His name is Toby and this adorable dog lives with his family in Peru. He doesn’t like to stay home alone, especially when his father has to go out for a long time. The dog suffers from separation anxiety disorder and sits on the balcony all day, staring into the distance even late at night, occasionally letting out a little howl.

Some dogs may display certain emotional states, such as separation anxiety. They will want to be close to their loved one 24 hours a day. And if they have to be alone for a period of time, they can feel sad and even a little upset. Apparently, while away from his favorite human, the lovable Toby is at the same time waiting for him to return. And as soon as he sees him approaching home again, the dog is filled with great emotion, happiness and a lot of love.

These anxious behaviors can range from simple sporadic howling to scratching and biting objects. A dog with Separation Anxiety Disorder will try by all means to get your attention and take you home. The most dangerous of these situations is when a dog tries to escape after feeling alone at home. Also, if you live in a flat, your front door may be slightly affected. If you live in a house with a garden and your dog is in the garden, he may try to escape by making a hole in the fence.

When a dog has to stay home alone, it is very important to make sure that our dog is in a safe and contained environment. Due to his anxiety, he might hurt himself in his desire to escape. It is normal for dogs to chase their owners around the house when they feel they are about to leave.

 However, if your dog starts crying, pacing or shaking for no reason, he probably has separation anxiety syndrome. “Most people feel an emotional attachment to their owners, but those with anxiety develop it more than those with less,” says Rebecca Sargisson in her article “Separation Anxiety in Dogs.”

In Toby’s case, the situation is less serious because the dog is never alone and someone is always looking after him. In addition, his behavior is very calm and, according to the family, he sometimes howls, but never runs away, scratches, bites, or shows destructive behavior. He is a quiet dog who loves his father very much and loves to run in the fields, go to the beach and snuggle with his family.

He will share it with friends and family so they can see how these animals can love their owners.

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