Dog Avoids Being Scolded And Cleans Up The Pee He Made Inside His House

The video has gone viral on Facebook, as you can see how the White Siberian Husky dog ​​cleans his needs by himself. Like a responsible dog, when urinating in the right place, he would take a piece of cloth and remove all traces of mischief.

When the dog comes home, one of the first things the owner should teach is to relieve himself in the same place. But have you ever seen a dog clean up the mess? This clever dog didn’t remove the urine marks, but adjusted the cloth he cleaned so the owner wouldn’t notice.

This puppy thought that no one would notice his mischief and took responsibility for cleaning up his mess, however, one of his owners was recording when he realized that he had peed in a prohibited place in the house, so this canine improvised immediately and he pulled out what appears to be a cleaning mat.

He picked up a piece of cloth with his nose, moved it gently where no one would notice it, and began cleaning it like a seasoned professional.

He noted that there were no more marks and that he smelled bad, and confirmed that no one had noticed. Simply contain or hide the dirty cloth. This dog can be seen walking towards a door that is clearly full of clothes and pee. There he takes the clothes, stacks them and dries them. Finally, he mixes the smelly clothes with more fabric and leaves.

At the end of his mission, he pretended that nothing had happened. Definitely a video that makes everyone laugh, because a very responsible dog cleans his needs so as not to scold him.

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