Woman Shows The Reality Of What It’s Like To Be A Dog Groomer

At Mascota Educativa we appreciate the work of dog grooming experts, as they put all their effort into leaving our pets clean and shiny. Although it may seem like an easy task, the reality is that it is not.

In this article you will meet a dog groomer named Adeline Mahieu. Her workplace is in Belgium.

Sometimes your job can be very complicated. Adeline Mahieu recently shared a look at what she needs to do to improve a dog’s image.

When one of her furriest clients, a handsome Alaskan Malamute named Ikito, came to get cleaned up, Mahieu decided to make a video about part of the process, revealing how easy it is to access complicated things.

After a refreshing bath, Mahieu uses a special hair dryer for animals, as soon as he passes it by Ikito, his room becomes a shower of fur.

Dogs like Ikito seem to enjoy bathing and having all of their excess hair removed, as Alaskan Malmutes are double coated and typically shed twice a year.

Although most of this fur ends up covering Mahieu, she appreciates it too.

It’s great this avalanche of hair!” said Mahieu. “I love receiving this type of dog because seeing the hairs fly gives me the feeling of doing my job thoroughly, removing all the dead hair from the dog, letting his skin breathe more possible”.

Ikito is a satisfied customer.

Certainly becoming a dog groomer is sometimes a bit tough, but Mahieu loves and enjoys his job.

Dog Grooming Aesthetics And Health For Your Dog

The owner’s responsibilities with his pet include taking care of his health, his diet and his hygiene. Dog groomers are professionals specialized in hygiene and aesthetics, whose objective is to protect the health of the animal.

It is not only about performing aesthetic work, but also about hygiene care, to provide you, as far as possible, with good care and improve your quality of life. In dog beauty, this not only improves the appearance of the animal, but also has some health reasons.

For example, some dogs and cats with long hair are very delicate, and it can also cause problems for pets, such as hair covering the eyes.

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