Chubby Elderly Puppy Abandoned By The Side Of The Road

Unfortunately, dogs only live for a very short time, compared to the average age of a person, and many times we can see how our dear friend has reached old age. From that moment on, they will need more care  and it will be up to us to return all the love they gave us.

In this Educational Pet article we will talk about a puppy that was cruelly abandoned by its owners when it needed it most.

Her name is Belky, and she is a mixed breed puppy who felt the betrayal of her masters when she most needed their care and attention. Belky, approximately 15 years old, had many problems, the most serious of which were obesity and lack of mobility. It was very difficult to stand up at the end of the day, since the problems of age and illnesses did not allow it.

The best option was to take him to the veterinarian to assess him and according to the instructions, take care of him in the best possible way. But its former owners only decided to solve the problem in their own way. After everything they went through together, Belky was abandoned on the side of the road in Ohio, United States, this action left much to be desired.

Thanks to a family who knew the dog, rescuers were able to take care of the abandonment. They immediately got to where the pet was, found him lying down, out of breath, but still alive.

He had serious wounds that became terribly infected, and even with the presence of worms. Belky was taken to Saginaw County Animal Care & Control, where several veterinarians removed his wounds, fed him and took very good care of him.

Fortunately, a person who was determined to adopt a dog, became fond of him and took him home.

Happily, Belky was able to find a family and a home that was more appropriate for her situation. Everything changed for him, since he receives the best care, and his diet is based on dietary food. She loves to play with a stuffed unicorn, and she never leaves her side. His new owners gave Belky the opportunity to enjoy his old age, and to say goodbye to this world in the best way. 


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