Dog adopts baby goats and can’t stop hugging them

Over the years, we have witnessed many unusual friendships between animals of different species. And one thing is for sure, when it comes to caring for and comforting those in need, there is nothing quite like the kind soul of a dog.

These angels we call dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re everyone’s best friend, and this hearty Lorin is no exception. Lorin the Golden Retriever grew up on the family farm and always helps her mother take care of all the animals. She is like a farm mom and she loves all the animals she knows so well.

“He’s always with all the animals on the farm, so he’s seen it all,” says Andrea Holly, Lorin’s mother. “She’s like a mother hen, she takes all the babies we have here as her own.”

So when Andrea adopted some kids and brought them to the farm, Lorin couldn’t have behaved any other way. In fact, when she met the babies, the dog herself immediately fell in love with them. In addition, the new members of the farm made the affectionate Golden Retriver show maternal instincts that she had never had.

Lorin and the goats soon become inseparable, and Andrea is convinced that Lorin believes that she is actually the mother of the goats.

“She definitely thinks they are her babies,” she said. The way he hugs them, how he cares for them, and the special bond they share definitely shows it. “‘Goats are the most loving and forgiving creatures,’ the woman said. “They loved Lorin right away. They are with her all day, every day.

Now, thanks to Mia, Henry, Delilah, Daisy Mae and their foster parents, days on the farm are more vibrant. Andrea says that the house is livelier than ever. Lorin not only gives them all the love and comfort they need, but she also plays with them all day long.