Brilliant Blue Blends With Deep Plum Purple, This Cotinga Is A Shining Star In Nature Whenever It Appears

There are many strikingly beautiful birds that make a name for their two-colored plumage. The two colors make a perfect duo, blending gorgeously along each other. Sometimes, there is no need to be colorful to shine in nature.


This is the case of the lovely cotinga (Cotinga amabilis). The stunning flying creature is known for its bright electric blue and deep plump purple suit. Reaching 7.5 inches in length, this bird is covered in blue with plum purple on the chin, throat, upper chest. The one-of-its-kind coat makes this cotinga conspicuous whenever it appears.


Additionally, the wings and tails of this species is eye-catching. They are black with greenish-blue margins.



Let’s discover its outstanding suit in the video below!



Comparing to spectacular males, the females are duller with more or less brown plumage.



The lovely Cotinga is a member of the Cotingidae family. They distribute in Southern Mexico all the way down to Panama. They are commonly found in Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Thanks to the large range, the population of this cotinga is now stable. It’s considered as of Least Concern by the ICUN.



These birds prefer living in humid forests and woodland edges with higher canopy. They dine mainly on fruit, especially that of Lauraceae. However, they also eat small lizards and insects if these foods are available nearby.

Currently, there is no specific information on the breeding season of this species. It’s assumed that the female builds her nest, incubates her eggs, and feeds the hatchlings on her own.



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