10+ Beautiful Pregnant Animals Who Seem To Be Ready To Welcome Their Babies

When a woman is pregnant, her body starts to change significantly. Although every woman will have a different pregnancy experience, for most of them, this is an unforgettable experience. Just like us, animals in the animal kingdom have their own pregnancy experience. Some animal moms can be cuter when they are pregnant while some just look tired and grumpy. They seem to understand the difficulties and happiness of being pregnant.

Here are 10+ pregnant animals and mothers who look like they’re ready to burst from carrying around their little babies. Scroll down to see and you will realize that these animal moms glow with a natural beauty you just can’t find in human moms.

1. This ferret mama must be feeling all that baby weight at the bottom of her body.



2. This mama to be seems to be completely over her pregnancy.



3. That is one happy mama.



4. Seahorses are the only species that has the males carry the babies.



5. This hedgehog is ready to burst.



6. She seemed so heavy that she could barely move.



7. Cuddles



8. This mama cat is taking up the entire bed until her babies are ready to come out.



9. This lioness is going to use her pregnancy to her advantage.



10. This seal is showing the real struggle of being pregnant when you already have children.



11. Hanging low



12. Protective mom



13. This parakeet is hiding her pregnancy right under her feathers.



14. Her big belly looks hard to carry on those legs.



15. All this pregnant seal needed was a bit of sunshine and relaxation.



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