A blind dog spends 13 years begging for attention, until a woman approaches.

The dog can no longer understand why his family that he adores so much, decides one fine day to sentence him to life in prison. Although it is hard to believe, many puppies have the misfortune to fall into the hands of horrible owners. They deprive them of food, water, medical attention and chain them as if they were the real criminals.

A poor blind dog was chained in the garden of his house for 13 years, unable to move.

All the little blind pup had ever known was a dirty little prison. Always on a leash, he could barely move to a makeshift kennel. The conditions in which he was forced to live, or rather to survive, are truly outrageous and deplorable for an innocent little dog. All he had to offer was his love, but they responded with malice and cruelty, hunting him down in his squalid space, powerless to change his fate.

The pup didn’t even know what it meant to frolic in the grass, to feel the warm sun warming his back, or to lie in a warm, comfortable bed. Even less to feel that a veterinary doctor cures his illness or that a kind human hand caresses his little head and comforts him.

The pup continued to eat the bare minimum necessary to save its life. In fact, the people who found him couldn’t understand how he could survive so long without being well fed and hydrated.

Fortunately, the woman was warned of the critical situation of the confinement of the dog. So, after negotiating with the owners, she did not hesitate to approach them to rescue him.

How could they do something like that to him for so long? Wouldn’t it have been better to leave it on the road for someone else to pick it up? His level of evil is really limitless.

“Thirteen years of confinement will soon be told, but how much the poor man has suffered,” said the heroine who saved him.

“We are devastated because it is a death in life,” added the woman.

When they went to pick it up they saw that it was full of ticks and fleas. He needed urgent veterinary attention. But first they gave him some food, and the poor boy devoured what they gave him as if he had never eaten anything in his life.

After being dewormed, vaccinated, spayed and given intravenous fluids until he regained his weight, he was taken to a rescuer’s home where he lived with her temporarily. She called him Bunny.

When he took it to his vast garden, the woman was devastated. She timidly walked through the green grass, not believing that after a lifetime of confinement she would be free again.

Bunny couldn’t believe how soft it felt under her feet. She spent over an hour exploring, acknowledging and accepting her new life. She thought that she hardly deserved to be happy.

Bunny hadn’t been able to step on grass for over 10 years, it was very strange for him, but it felt so good!

Soon the best news for Bunny arrived. A loving family from Croatia decided to adopt him and opened the doors of their home and his heart to him. In his new home, he loves his comfortable sofa and snuggles into his mother’s arms, but he is still very scared, almost as if asking her not to lock him up again.

There is nothing I like more than the caresses of his mother, and a life full of love and adventures with the other discreet pets that live with him.

Congratulations Bunny! Enjoy the freedom, the sun, your bed and the love of your owners.

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