An Entire Litter Of Maine Coon Kittens Were ALL Born With Cute, Grumpy Faces

If there’s anything we’ve come to love to the degree of obsession, it’s both kittens (because they’re baby cats,) and grumpy faced cats. What on earth could be better than a grumpy-faced kitten? How about five of them. You read that right, five grumpy-faced kittens. Swoon, heartbeat intensifies, wow-factor achieved!

Purrhaps one of the best parts about this pawticular litter of loves, is that they’re maine coon kittens. Listen, I know we all know that maine coons are some of the world’s most majestic cats. Therefore, I’m sure you’re extra excited now to take a gander at these fluffy jelly beans of pure delight.

Catsvill County is a catery in Russia that recently shared some images of a litter of Maine Coon kittens.

The adorable fur balls quickly gained a metric butt-ton of attention. Not just because they’re enormously fluffy kittens, but because of their peculiar facial features.

In fact, people quickly noticed that these adorable little feline friends look an awful lot like grumpy old men.

Once seen, this fun fact cannot be un-seen.

Look at this grumpus among us.

Even more astonishing? This very same catery went viral not too long ago for their cat Valkyrie, who looks eerily like a human.

Look at these grumpies in action. SWOON.

You can’t look away, it’s physically impawsible to look away.

Surprisingly, people actually had mixed reactions to the jelly beans.

They coulnd’t agree if they were purrfectly precious (they are,) or disturbing (they are not.)

While you might find yourself a little startled by their grumpy appearance, if you keep looking, you’ll fall in love.

Truly, these unique kittens are purr-fection purrsonified! And That Russian Cattery is doing something interesting to repeat their facial-feature-felines more than once.

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