Smog Pink Robin Is So Cute And Beautiful That Makes People Wonder If It Is Real

To see how wonderful mother nature is, you’d better look at over 10,000 bird species. These animals always blow our minds with their diverse sizes and colors. Some even look incredible as if they are products of CGI.

People often identify birds by their colors because they have a unique appearance with literally any hue, ranging from yellow, blue, and green to a combination of all the colors. However, a pink bird is so rare that some don’t believe such a bird exists. So, let us introduce you to the adorable Pink Robin!

This bird looks like a cotton ball with two contrasting colors: pink at its chest plumage and black or dark blue at other parts of its body. Undoubtedly, the bird’s vibrant pink breast makes it hard to take your eyes off it.

Though some might think this species seems unreal, it is popular in Australia, the home of many brilliant animals. Australian citizens are more familiar with red-breasted Robin, so they are thrilled whenever they spot a Pink Robin around their place.

Recently, many areas in Australia have been ravaged by wildfires, leading to the habitat loss of many species. Therefore, it becomes harder for residents to see a Pink Robin than in the past.

Despite knowing that the Pink Robin population is growing steadily, we have no clue how they are doing after the fires spread over their homes.

Female Pink Robin has a duller appearance than the male with olive-brown color, but their pink bellies are the same.

This breathtaking species is evidence of nature’s amazing power. Even those having the privilege to see Pink Robin in real life may struggle to believe in their eyes due to the bird’s mind-blowing look.

Let’s share these stunning pictures of the fluffy Pink Robini with your friends and family, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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