Rare twin elephants born in Sri Lankan orphanage for first time in 80 years

The birth of a pair of elephants was learned in Sri Lanka. This was amazing news for conservationists and those who love wildlife. This is a very rare occurrence, most of them were born in their upper eighties.

They were born in Pinnawala orphanage and both are male. Their parents are from this orphanage. Fortunately, the mother and children are in perfect health. They are just smaller than usual.

The director of the orphanage, Renuka Bandaranaike, said that the mother and the children feel perfect and even though they are a bit small, they have no health problems.

This orphanage is inhabited by 83 elephants, which was founded to save and restore many elephants.

It was the second misery of the elephant, she can have four young in her entire existence.

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