Curious Owl ‘Photobombing’ Weather Camera Goes Viral

This is the moment when a curious owl becomes a star in Montana after ‘photobombing’ a local news stations weather camera

Curious owl photobombing weather camera goes viral - DIY Photography

The owl landed right in front of it and began to curiously peer directly into the KRTV Eyecam weather camera.

“The KRTV Great Falls Eyecam — perched atop the U.S. Bank building downtown — is usually used to check on weather conditions in our community,” wrote the station in an article.

“Sometimes, however, the camera catches something a bit unusual – sometimes a spider or moth, or occasionally a bird.

“And early on Wednesday […], it was something even a bit more rare — an owl!”

Here’s the adorable 26-second video:


Owl visits the Great Falls Eyecam
Owl visits the Great Falls Eyecam

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