Wild Brown Bear Tunnels Into The Alaska Zoo And Kills Caesar the Alpaca

A longtime Alaska Zoo resident Caesar, the alpaca, was killed on Sunday by a wild brown bear that broke into the alpaca’s enclosure.

According to the zoo’s director, The bear tunnelled under perimeter fencing and broke through the rail fence before killing the beloved 16-year-old alpaca.

Apparently the 16-year-old male alpaca, who was a crowd favourite, had arrived at the zoo when he was only a year old.

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Caesar’s companion, another alpaca named Fuzzy Charlie was found unhurt, although ‘fuzzy eyed & skittish.’

Fish and Game officials set up cameras to watch for the bear to return. It was killed the second time it came back.

‘Everyone was sorry the bear had to be put down.’ Said the executive director of the zoo.

He also went on to say, ‘there are occasionally bears in the area but they are usually not a problem, this one just had developed some bad habits.


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