A grateful forest bear presents her two cubs to the man who once helped her

Wild animal encounters take place in the midst of their natural habitat, but there are a few exceptions where a wild animal encounter occurs in the midst of human habitat.

A man known as Patrick Conley, attests to how unexpected these situations can be. Since at his residence in the town of Asheville, in North Carolina, United States, he had an encounter with nothing less than a bear.

Patrick captured the visit on video with his mobile device, the bear’s visit. The man baptized her Simone, and assures that it is not the first time that the animal has passed through her house, but this time it came with an unexpected surprise.

The bear’s first foray, named Simone by Patrick, happened four years ago. As the bear approached, the man tried to remain calm. Understanding that she was just looking for some food, Patrick fed her without a problem.

The great bear Simone, despite being classified as a wild animal, was quite calm while visiting Patrick. Scenarios that were repeated frequently during the 4 years after her first foray.

But this time, Simone stunned Patrick, who, despite not being surprised by the bear’s visit, was surprised by the company she brought with her. Well, Simone brought her two little puppies to her so they could see the house of the man who had helped her over the years.

The bear patiently guided the little cubs to Patrick’s house. Who pointed out the unexpected visit as the most beautiful thing that has happened to him in the surroundings of that forest.

The images, shared by Patrick, soon went viral on different internet platforms, because the risk involved in meeting a bear face to face is no secret to anyone. For one of these specimens to visit you in a peaceful way is an exception to every rule.

This reminds us that kindness and gratitude are found in both people and animals of all kinds.

In addition, it is necessary to remember that the displacement of these species has made them lose their fear of breaking into residential areas. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when facing a meeting of this type, which although it could have ended in disaster, luckily for Patrick, ended up being one of the most tender visits of his life.

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