Boy, the famous cat that looks like “Zorro”, is already a dad, and his baby turned out just like him

One characteristic that has defined cats throughout history has undoubtedly been the color of their fur. From the origin of different myths, such as the ridiculous association of black cats with bad luck, to the classification of felines based on this characteristic.

Considering this, it is not strange to think that many use the different patterns that adorn the fur of felines to baptize and give them a name. Although this is not the case with the adorable kitten of a man named Indraini Noor, the rest of the world did rely on this to rename his feline.

It’s about a feline named Boy by his human father, but renamed ‘The Fox’ all over the internet. This is because the beautiful cat has a very peculiar characteristic, since the hair around his eyes covers the white tone with black and makes it appear that he is wearing a mask.

Hence, many people associate him with the mythical television hero, although his human father has been completely unaware of this fact. This same feature has generated considerable popularity on social networks and has made him a celebrity.

But when Boy meets a kitten named Key, the story only gets better. Indraini Noor remembers that when he introduced the cats, the chemistry between the two was immediate and they did not want to be separated from each other.

As expected, it didn’t take long for the love between these two felines to welcome a beautiful litter of kittens into the world. Thus, Boy became a family man and is responsible for raising four cats.

One of the little cats was born with the same peculiarity as his father and inherited from him the characteristic mask that surrounds his eyes. So it is a small version of his father who has won, like him, the heart of the entire internet.

The little boy was baptized Bandit by Indraini Noor, this time following the instruction given to him by the internet regarding the resemblance of the kittens to the bandit hero on television. Thanks to this, it seems that the little cat is really following in the footsteps of his father.

Boy is a bit busier now, and his time on the social media that Indraini Noor manages has taken on a more familiar tone. But even so, he does not stop adding followers thanks to his peculiar appearance and the small version of him.

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