A desperate dog from a shelter tries to shake hands with everyone who passes by its kennel, hoping to be adopted

“Everything Speck has always wanted is to love and be loved in return,” writes justsomething.

Unfortunately, life hasn’t always been kind to this sweet puppy, and Speck has had to fend for himself on the streets. But despite the countless hardships he has endured, this adorable little puppy has not let his heart harden. Speck radiates love and wants nothing more than someone to hold onto.


Speck has spent the last year of his life living at the Bullock County Humane Society shelter in Alabama. There, he has won the hearts of everyone who works there, thanks to his irresistibly sweet personality.

Whenever someone has walked past his kennel, Speck has extended his paw, and nobody has been able to resist giving him some affection. “All he wants is people’s love. He extends his paw, and all he wants is for you to touch him and hold his hand,” said Desiray Miracle-Wilder, the shelter’s director, to The Dodo.

Speck loves humans so much that not even other dogs, cats, or pets can distract him when he has his eyes set on a human. He just wants to shower every person he meets with love and craves any kind of affectionate touch.

Recently, the shelter filmed Speck to show people his little hand-holding game and highlight how sweet and affectionate he is.

They posted the video on their Facebook page, and it quickly went viral. It has been viewed and shared thousands of times, and it only took three days for the video to change Speck’s life forever. Allie’s Hope For Paws Dog Rescue saw Speck’s video and decided to help him find his forever home. They reached out to the Bullock County Animal Shelter and informed them that they had found the perfect home for Speck: a loving family with a 26-acre farm! The family already has two puppies who will soon become Speck’s new furry siblings.

Speck is finally going to receive all the love and affection he deserves, and he will have a wonderful life running around the farm and playing with his new siblings.

And Speck’s luck has been contagious; since his video went viral, several other puppies from the shelter have also found their forever homes.

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