The Sweet Goose Becomes A Proud Nanny Of Her Bestie Puppies

Interspecies friendship has always been one of the most incredible but unbelievable things happening in this world.

In fact, animals don’t see any difference the way humans do. All they see is a living being standing in front of them, treating them sincerely, loving them unconditionally. And that’s what friends are really for.

In this story, the dog and goose are a great example, their unique friendship that is sure to warm your heart.

The goose was rescued by the dog’s owner when it was just a tiny baby, but its terrible size did not stop the goose from falling in love with his two-legged friend. Their relationship flourished at that point and only became stronger over time.

As time passed, the duo could hardly continue to grow together. The dog always keeps an eye on the hound, and the bitch also loves hanging out with her furry companion.

They eat, sleep, play together, they do all the things that human best friends love to do! The two were so close that they sometimes seemed to forget that there was still a poodle in the house.

Just look at these adorable cuties:

Their friendship was taken to another level when the gorgeous dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies that resemble their mother, and this incredible goose did a great job taking care of the babies—born like a real nanny. ‘Because you know, “love me, love my puppies”!


Even though it’s really none of her business, the benevolent goose wants to join and help wherever she is. This sweet girl literally takes the dog family everywhere, doing her best to make sure all puppies are okay. She looked even more proud than the dog mother herself.

See how this wonderful nanny observes her babies:

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