The 4-feet-tall Birds’ Named Secretary Birds Are So Gorgeous

We might be having a bad day, but if a pretty bird comes into view, suddenly we all feel a little lighter.

According to bird watchers and scientists, there are about 9,000 to 10,000 species of birds. One way to spot them is physical appearance when you take a closer look, it becomes obvious that birds are available many shapes and colors, and a few are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. There are many birds with weird names and monikers and most of them are not named for what their silly names depict.

Today’s story is about some 4-feet-tall birds named secretary birds have long, beautiful and luxurious lashes.

It kinda looks like secretaries at corporate offices if we put it in a red dress. And have those kind of eyelashes human women go to great lengths to achieve.

Some people said the predates even this and was first described and named in 1769. The Dutch settlers in Africa called the bird “Sagittarius”, but due to their lack of knowledge and strong accent, local farmers called them “Secretarius.” And later morphed into secretary.

Secretary birds prowl among the grasses and stomp their prey to death before feasting. Their most common food source is snakes and other small prey living in the savanna grasses, but people have witnessed the birds take down juvenile cheetahs and gazelles, too. They are currently threatened by habitat loss, but conservation efforts are proceeding to slow the decline in population.

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